OTTAWA — With Canada facing a severe labour shortage, there is an urgent need for workers in the construction industry and the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) has put out an industry call to action: Rebuild Canada’s workforce NOW.

The campaign by the Construction Action Network urges constituents to write a letter to their MPs asking them to voice support for building up the construction workforce.

The federal government has a growth plan which includes repairing, maintaining and retrofitting aging infrastructure and building for future climate resilience, indicates a release, adding retirements and recruitment challenges will be a heavy blow to future economic growth if steps aren’t taken to deal with the shortage.

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Industry representatives are meeting with parliamentarians for CCA’s Hill Day on Nov. 15 to urge the federal government to:

  • modernize Canada’s immigration policy and point system to better recognize tradespeople and construction labourers;
  • work with the provinces to ensure skills matching is properly funded and supported; and
  • update the Temporary Foreign Worker program to allow seamless access for the construction industry.

“Canada is facing its most severe labour shortage in over 50 years – nearly one million jobs are unfilled,” said Mary Van Buren, CCA president, in a statement. “The situation is especially acute for the construction sector – we have over 81,000 openings now. This also means the essential infrastructure projects that 38 million Canadians rely on every day risk being cancelled or delayed.”

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What is CCA?

CCA is a rating used in the battery industry to define a battery's ability to start an engine in cold temperatures.