WASHINGTON D.C. — Traffic technology firm LYT has released a report indicating communities that use transit prioritization technologies obtain better network performance.

LYT, based in California, offers a cloud-based platform to manage intelligent transportation systems, a Jan. 10 release stated. Its recent industry survey was undertaken to determine how local municipal officials and transit-network decision-makers are using transit-prioritization technology.

LYT collected feedback from an online survey it commissioned in early December 2021, presenting questions to 3,000 industry officials. According to the survey results, of those communities using transit-prioritization technologies, the majority of respondents said they’re seeing growing improvements in on-time performance of their transit network.

Many communities that not yet implemented transit-prioritization technologies said they are considering it, but 27 per cent are looking for the right technology provider; 26 per cent want to make sure it is budgeted for correctly; and 15 per cent are seeking private partners to help with financing.

Communities that are currently running transit-prioritization technologies indicated they are experiencing a handful of frustrations. Seventy-one per cent of respondents said their current data provider does not allow for the integration of transit-vehicle data with other systems. LYT suggested it is possible that is because 60 per cent say their current automatic-vehicle-location or other data provider relies on hardware that is proprietary to their company and not available from other manufacturers.

“Finding the right partner who can implement the right transit prioritization system is paramount to the success of every community’s transportation network,” said Timothy Menard, CEO of LYT, in a statement.

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