TEMPE, AZ.—The Big-D family of companies recently announced it has promoted Laura Shivers to vice-president of Johnson Carlier, an Arizona-based subsidiary of Big-D Companies.

Shivers began her career at Johnson Carlier in August 2020 as director of business strategy and as vice-president is responsible for “preconstruction, business development, marketing and administrative teams. She will spend a majority of her time securing new business, accelerating growth and ensuring 100 per cent client satisfaction,” a Big-D release said.

“I’m excited to represent Johnson Carlier and the Big-D Family in a leadership role. The opportunity to help grow the organization into the next century and execute on our strategic plan is a challenge I am ready for,” Shivers said in a statement.

Shivers will report to Big-D chief operational officer Troy Thompson based at company headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“Laura’s drive, passion and skills when it comes to enterprising and social relationships are as high as I have seen in other leaders within the organization. I am thrilled to see how she uses those powerful skills to help all of our associates at Johnson Carlier achieve the careers of their dreams,” Thompson said.

“Since joining Johnson Carlier two years ago, Laura has taken our office to new heights in her role as director of business strategy.  She has participated in the rebranding of Johnson Carlier, website development and features, rebuilding of the marketing team and has been very successful in opening up doors to new projects and clients for the company. We are pleased that Laura has accepted the offer to serve as vice-president and help to grow the company’s vision for its 2030 Strategic Plan in this executive capacity,” he added.

As vice-president Shivers is looking forward to “winning, growing people, and evolving the perception of the company’s limitations,” the release stated, and she is “particularly proud of how far Johnson Carlier has come and is looking forward to the future.

“I’m extremely proud of the recent strategic hires we’ve had at Johnson Carlier – our team’s resume is critical to growth and future work in this market. In addition, in 2021 we had over $400 million worth of industrial opportunities and an additional $200 million in multi-family projects, more than we’ve ever seen – large in part to an effort in forging relationships with other business units within Big-D,” she said.

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