MARKHAM, ONT.—Lind Equipment’s LED Jobsite System has reached a milestone of saving 500 million kWh of energy.

The company, which specializes in temporary LED lighting for the commercial construction industry, compiles real-time data to precisely quantify the energy savings generated by their LED Jobsite System on active construction sites.

The energy savings milestone is the equivalent to removing more than 77,000 cars off the road for one year or powering 65,000 homes on an annual basis, states a release, adding if you monetize the savings using an average of 10 cents/kWh, it adds up to $50 million of savings in electricity costs.

In addition to the monetary savings, the LED Jobsite System has helped contractors eliminate over 600,000 tons of waste with reusable lights.

It functions as a system of purpose-built, patented, plug and play LED temporary construction lights that you can mix and match.

An example of an energy saving LED Jobsite is the Centre Block Rehabilitation project at Parliament Hill in Ottawa. A case study has been created which highlights the impact of the project and can be seen here.

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