KANSAS CITY, MO.—Asset management technology has emerged as the top trending technology identified by U.S. public works professionals for 2022.

In compiling its Top Five Trending Technologies for 2022, the American Public Works Association (APWA) compiled 1,000 votes from professionals in the public works sector internationally, a recent release stated.

Good asset management with integrated data collection leads to enhanced planning and tracking, boosting efficiency and reducing costs, the APWA stated.

Others in the top five include:

 Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The APWA said GIS continues to show up as a top trending technology with its ability to intersect with other trending technologies, allowing for mapping, spatial functionality and asset management.

 Smart Technologies identify and interconnect public assets, managing the data to improve efficiencies, enhance safety and enable cost savings.

 Intelligent Transportation Systems. Actuated intersections, managed lanes and alternate route management are a few of the strategies now in use to facilitate traffic flow. Using ITS to monitor traffic reduces commuter frustration by shortening travel times.

 Fleet Electrification. Climate protection and cost savings lead the way in the push toward fleet electrification. Reduced maintenance costs are expected as EV fleets become more common.

“Rapid technological developments can improve asset management and safety for public works professionals, resulting in efficiencies and cost savings for public works agencies. In APWA’s role as the premier technical and educational resource for public works professionals, keeping an eye on trending technologies allows our members to better fulfill their missions,” said APWA president Stan Brown in a statement.

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